One of the many inhabitants of Australia, the koala captured in his natural habitat.
Photo #042AU
A narrow gauge railway winds it's way through light to medium bush northwest of Melbourne.
Photo #002AU
April means a change of season for the land down-under.
Photo #003AU
Ranch land approximately an hour outside the city of Melbourne.
Photo #006AU
A rural roadway lined with native eucalyptus trees just outside Melbourne.
Photo #023AU
View of the Sydney skyline from the Sydney Opera House.
Photo #017AU
Front entrance to the Sydney Opera House in Australia.
Photo #056AU
Sydney Harbor Bridge as viewed from the Opera House.
Photo #020AU
Adventurous vistors can be seen treking their way up and over the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
Photo #052AU
The Sydney Harbor Bridge at night.
Photo #058AU
Modern shopping mall with marble, chrome and glass decor.
Photo #007AU
Old English style mall with hardwood flooring and hewn timbers.
Photo #029AU
Thought of as a nuisance and a rodent, this native Australian is found in abundance throughout many regions.
Photo #050AU

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