Discover Jamaica

Discover Negril, a city along the island's west side, best known for it's seven miles of white sand beach.

Discover Ocho Rios, a city located along Jamaica's north easterly side, and best known for it's lush tropics and the incredible 'Dunn River Falls'.

Both locations have much to offer, but be aware that these two cities are on opposite sides of the island from one another, nearly three hours apart. I would suggest that much consideration be given when planning where to stay, and what to do while in Jamaica.

We choose to stay in Negril with it's seven miles of white sand beach. During our stay we had the opportunity to snorkel, scuba, jet ski, we even polished our maritime skills by sailing a twelve foot sailboat across the beautiful Caribbean waters. The air temperature peaked around 80 degrees each day, and the water temperature was a delightful and inviting 78 degrees. One other weather note: it rained nearly every afternoon around 2 o'clock.

On another occasion we took a horseback ride into the interior. The ride culminated at the ruins of an old church building high atop the mountain, in fact, the highest point on the island. This made for some spectacular views.

When evening fell, it was semi-formal attire and all you could eat at three different resort restaurants, each with delicious food and white glove dining. We found the resort personnel very friendly, professional, and willing to help. The entertainment that was provided each night by the resort was also spectacular and performed at a professional level.

Was there a down side to the trip? Unfortunately yes. Most all of the resorts on Jamaica are all-inclusive, and there is a very good reason for it. As with many of the islands throughout the Caribbean, poverty runs high, and that means that tipping is an issue. From the time you arrive at the airport terminal until the time you depart, whenever you are outside the walls of your resort, you are constantly being targeted with intimidation to tip. (Again, this is only beyond the walls of the resorts).
The island is also inundated with drugs. Fortunately, when you are within the confines of your resort, you are pretty well protected from the elements. But, as soon as you venture beyond the walls of this safe haven, be prepared for an on-slaught where you are constantly being solicited with drugs.

What's Left?
In short, we had a very pleasant vacation. But, to anyone who is thinking of Jamaica as a vacation destination, simply be aware that there is an element of poverty, and there is an excessive drug problem. Until Later Mon!

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