Neighborhood Entry 1        
Main entry into Heritage Hills neighborhood
  Neighborhood Entry 2        
Entry continuing into Heritage Hills neighborhood
  Neighborhood Entry 3        
Entry into our development within Heritage Hills
  Exterior Front        
Exterior 1
  exterior front        
Exterior 2
  Exterior Front 3        
Exterior 3
  Exterior North        
Exterior 4
  Exterior South        
Garage View
  Landscape Front        
  Landscape design 1        
  Landscape Rock        
  Landscape design 2        
  Landscape Rock 2        
Landscape design 3
  Landscape Rock 3        
  Landscape design 4        
  Landscape North        
  Landscape design 5        
  Landscape North 5        
Landscape design 6
  Landscape North 3        
  View of side and back yard        
  Landscape North 4        
Closeup view of side and back yard.
  Landscape Patio        
Viewing perimeter of patio area from upper grassy area
  Landscape Bunny        
  Viewing perimeter from outside of patio area        
  Rear Fence        
Viewing NE back yard (also view from kitchen sink)
  Rear Yard North        
  Flagstone steps exiting from patio into back yard NE        
  Landscape Path        
South side of house flagstone pathway
  Landscape South        
South side of house leading to back yard
Front Door Entry
  Living Room        
Living Room
  Living Atrium        
Viewing Living Room/Atrium/Formal Dining
Stair view from main front entry
  Viewing Atrium        
  Stairs Upper        
Stair view from 1st floor
Study Bookcase
  Study Wall        
  Study wood        
Closeup Study woodwork
  Powder room        
Powder Room
  Kitchen wall        
  Kitchen Appliance Wall        
  Kitchen Uppers 2a            
  New Upper Cabinets            
  Kitchen Uppers 1a            
  New Upper Cabinets            
  Dinette Area            
  Island Cabinet        
Closeup Kitchen Island Cabinetry
  Closeup view of Kitchen granite        
  Family room        
Family Room
  Guest 1   Guest 2   Guest 3  
Guest Bedroom 1 Guest Bedroom 2 Guest Bedroom 3
  Master Sinks        
  Copper Sinks in Master Bath        
  Deco Tile        
Decorator Tile in Master Shower
  Laundry Room